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The metatheme of PhysisTurnsTime are the various levels of time. The macrostructure of PTT is therefore based on the concept of the Time Arrow and its reversal of direction as well as deliberations in the field of philosophical physics about increase and decrease of entropy, multifariousness, complexity, ...

Man remembering the future, a cup shattered on the floor regaining its former entity, the contracting universe - all these examples are models for the Reverse Arrow which is simulated with the help of artistic and technical means, starting with utmost complexity, leading to zero complexity and ending in the Regular Arrow whose termination is again multifarious and complex.

The division into scales of 13 Time Arrow phases (-6...0...6) of "Time and Society" to "Time and Nothing" and back again to "Time and Society" should not be understood as a philosophical system, but as a subjective framework which generates even more subjective artistic ideas:

Thus phase 1 for example is the tentative of an epyllion about the non-temporal character of light which, in the personification of the light particle Lykeia, is fighting the consequences of a victory over time: by means of its monotonous character the epic recitation calms the "biosignalist" who, due to the increase in synchronized brain waves, produces increasingly pleasant harmonies.

Phase 2 treats the theme of absolute time before the theory of relativity, whereas in phase 3 planets dance polyrhythmically. In phase 4 the RealTime of the human body, and in phase 5 the abyss of the psyche are represented.

The demand "Otium! Work beyond time" in phase 6 expresses the utopia of machine labour and human leisure: The samples triggered by the sequencer which contain signals of information society are confronted with biosignals and their analogous sound-conversion ("hard breath", muscle modulation and skin resistance sirene).